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git is tool for versioning anything. git is the most pervasive tool for app development, yet git is also the least heard about and understood. Very few beginning developers are aware of its existence much less its importance and pervasiveness in the software industry. Whatever coding language you choose, likely whatever role you may have developing a modern application, git is a tool you will be using. 

git gets less attention at first glance for a few reasons. This xkcd is my favorite way to explain git and it starts at the reasons it's revolutionary and also misunderstood.

git can be challenging to wrap one's head around at first. git's distributed model means that there are 2 copies of the git database, one on the users local machine and one on a shared server, usually in the cloud somewhere like github. git is similar to crypto currency and the blockchain in that it functions as a ledger of cryptographic hashes.

There are a number of apps available for giving git a user interface. It's recommendable to start with one. git is built as a CLI (command line interface) and to understand it in depth and navigate quickly, advanced users will usually go right to typing commands. From personal experience, I know working off the command line can be a little intimidating at first, while working in an integrated development environment (IDE), like vscode, feels more natural, presenting options. The git cli, and definitely the linux cli are very much worth learning, but we'll revisit those in the future.

Let's git to Work

This website is using git for both source control and as a database

For what we're demoing

If you really want to work as a developer, network engineer, or devops engineer

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Git is so universally accepted that microsoft makes it the default over their own product, Team Foundation Server (TFS), on their azure devops service.

It is also challenging to really wrap one's head around though, and it is