Mac Must Haves – Hooked up .bash_profile for terminal and .vimrc for vim

I had to buy a new MacBook yesterday to replace my 2014 that keeps crashing. New Mac, new me! What a new me is here to do is continue to refine myself and my work, and share it with you.

Whenever I’m on a new Mac, and often if I’m making use of a linux vm, one of the first steps I take to make life easier is to customize my .bash_profile for bash shortcuts and my .vimrc with vundle package configuration to make vim a complete and portable ide. I’m going to clone down my old versions of these files, walk though, refactor and demo them. To record a screencast, I don’t believe I’ll need screenflick anymore. I’ll be using the new Mac screen recording capabilities to shoot a couple of videos.

Here’s the code I’m starting with:

Unfortunately, I haven’t done a good job of checking my updates back in over the years. This time I’ll make some soft links to make it easier to commit updates. I have a few other projects this is getting pushed down for, but will be back to improve asap.

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